RJ’s Book


How would you like to have a proven, successful business legend teach us something about  leadership?

Would you like to see the application of the proven ways legendary leaders lead, and know how they became successful?

Do you wish you could peek into the workday of the legendary leaders and take a few pages from their book?

Now you can! In this book, we will meet three business legends:

  • Lee Iacocca, who made a historic turnaround of Chrysler in the ’80s;
  • Jack Welch of General Electric (GE), who transformed GE into a conglomerate powerhouse in the ’90s; and
  • Louis Gerstner of IBM, who besides being a non-technical CEO, made a historic turnaround of IBM in the early 2000s.

The book is based on the autobiographies of these legends, with my personal experience of 20+ years in corporate and information technology management.

Filled with leadership quotes from these business legends, this book has pages filled with wisdom, in a concise format. In today’s world where time is the most valuable and scarce resource, this book provides practical leadership lessons from great leaders, in a simple and effective manner that you can apply anytime, anywhere, immediately.

The book is available on Amazon. As always, your comments and suggestion, either directly or as a review on Amazon, are always welcome .

Note: I strongly believe today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. The book is priced very reasonably, however any profit will be donated to a children’s charity. Thank you for your support.