Introduction and why behind “Leadership Lessons.net”:

Leaders fly

Leadership Lessons – Introduction:

Leadership has been a widely known yet hardly practiced area. We all have known well known leaders from various areas such as George Washington, Roosevelt, J. F.  Kennedy, M. L.  King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson, Mandela, Margret Thatcher, Mother Teresa, Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many more.

We mostly misunderstand leadership and associate it with position while we should be linking it with qualities. Leadership qualities can be learned, developed, and practiced – without holding any position. Leadership can be demonstrated at any level.

While the title can be handed over, leadership cannot be. It needs to be developed, and cultivated. No leaders starts with followers, they start with a cause. They start with a challenge. They start with a vision, and most importantly they are ready to face any challenges to achieve their vision, their goal. Whether it is George Washington, Gandhi, and Mandela all wanted freedom for the country.  JFK wanted the explore the space, and make the country toe be the first to reach moon. Jack Welch wanted GE (all GE companies) to be the number one or two in the market.   Lee Iaccoca (Chrysler) and Louis Gerstner (IBM) wanted to save the company  and in turn save thousands of jobs. The basic ingredient among all of these leaders were the qualities that make up a leader. The title they earned as a leader was the result of their efforts and cause for the society. They were made leaders, They did not seek out followers, the followers joined them and that is a true identity of a leader.

An important aspect of leadership is it is not confined to these big names. They were nobody at the beginning, just like anyone of us. Fortunately, we can learn about leadership easily and all the names above can help us learn about it. We can learn from their work, their books, their leadership examples, leadership quotes, and many other avenues,. Leadership does not need a special or separate school because it is part of our life.  Whether you are a child, a parent, an employee, a business owner, a CEO, or a President of a country, you need to have leadership qualities to effectively play your role. Without these qualities you will be just holding that position, the title, and not necessarily be a true leader.

To make this world better, we need true leaders. If you want to stand out, if you want to make this world better, you need to have these leadership qualities. In fact, all of us need to have the leadership qualities so that when we leave this world we leave it better than we started our lives.


“There are two ways of spreading light:  

to be the candle or

the mirror that reflects it.”

 – Edith Wharton


This blog is just a humble attempt to share the leadership lessons I have learned and continue to learn from the leaders in my personal and professional life. I am just trying to be a mirror to pass on the light.

I hope not only you will enjoy the posts, but also benefit from them.

Let us learn. Let us improve. Let us develop the leader within us.


I sincerely thank you for being here.

If you have any suggestions, please feel to contact me by various options here, or just send me an email:

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